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Peanut Butter People’s 2013-2014 season included workshops of The Cinderella Project and Genitalia, our terrifically successful Baby, It’s Cold Outside burlesque fundraiser, and productions of Swell Broad and The Homemaker (w/ Convention Productions at The Storefront Theatre) and Wolf Sounds (The Box Toronto).

What people are saying:


Once again, I thought the show was great…so smart, so witty, and that’s just skimming the surface. What I really enjoyed about the play was how you dealt with the complicated nature of a woman’s sexuality. Even though the play was set in the past, I could relate to the protagonist in the way I feel towards relationships, love and sex. The actors were amazing too – bravo to them.

- Jasmin Mozaffari (filmmaker)

Really impressed by the work on stage now at The Storefront Theatre. Saw it on opening last night and I was blown away.

- Benjamin Blais (Red One Theatre Collective)


Wolf Sounds is all about the spectacle, but it maintains an emotional core that…needs to be heard on a larger scale.

- The Charlebois Post

 Its [Wolf Sounds'] magic lies in its being an achingly universal story about human longing and desire. 

- Mooney on Theatre

Under Harris’s direction, the actors have a warm, playful chemistry at the start of the show, which begins with some stylized movement that prepares us for the possibility of a happy ending.

- NOW Magazine (of Swell Broad)

What begins with laughs become sober and tragic by the final blackout, and Harris does a fine job taking us on a seamless journey from one emotional world to the other.

- NOW Magazine (of The Homemaker)

Brooke Banning has a thing for twists and revelations…Philip Furgiuele shows an impressive range…Janelle Hanna smoulders and cracks…and Laura Anne Harris’ direction adds leavening moments of physical comedy and lightness…[of Swell Broad]

The Homemaker…is easy to enjoy as a delightful, giddy confection.

Harris’ work as a character performer…is at the fore, and the payoff is tremendous. [of The Homemaker]

- Mooney on Theatre

…one of the best pairings of short plays I’ve come across… Definitely worth seeing, and not just for the free cookies.

- The Charlebois Post


Steve Fisher @GracingtheStage:#SwellBroad=a clever playlet re: awkward sexpectations…while Harris’ Homemaker=a tragicomedy re: a wife w/ a debilitating secret.

Kat Letwin @letwinka: Go see #SwellBroad and #TheHomemaker this week at @StorefrontTO. Lots of strong, interesting material with strong, interesting performances!

Louisa Zhu @mystalica: Great evening at #SwellBroad and #TheHomemaker @StorefrontTO last night. Happy to have been even a small part of it. Runs all week! Go!

Annemieke Wade @miekechu: Go see #SwellHomemaker! #swellbroad and #thehomemaker are a joy to watch @StorefrontTO Only one week of shows. Don’t miss it!

Sandra Crljenica @SandraCrljenica: Congratulations to the cast and crew of #SwellBroad and #TheHomemaker on a fantastic opening night performance last night! Go check it out!

Glyn Bowerman @Banquos_Banquet: Swell Broad & The Homemaker are what you’re seeing this week at @StorefrontTO. Really, do go. #Theatre #Toronto

Our 2014-2015 season is tba. Stay tuned!